Items to celebrate; w/c 05/06/17

The year six’s had a trip to be-wilderwood to celebrate all the hard work they had put in for their SATS exam which was a lovely day.

Items to celebrate; w/c 22/05/17

The Y6 at Douglas Bader had a  lovely trip to Bewilderwood to celebrate all the hard work they had put in for their SATS exam.

Items to celebrate; w/c 28/04/17

Before Easter the children at Lingwood  organised two fundraising days inviting parents and carers in to school to raise money for charity. The children designed fun stalls for everyone to enjoy. Through the two fundraising days the children raised £94.07. The School Council have chosen to split the money between ‘The Wings Appeal’ and ‘Great Ormond Streat Hospital.’ A big thank you to the children and staff at Lingwood for their hard work organising this.

Items to celebrate; w/c 27/03/17

Brooklands have been busy this week. The pupils  had been interested in helping the local animal sanctuary. Last week Hallswood came in to visit and talked to the pupils. They  donated a collection of food and bedding. Friday they had an Easter Coffee morning and raised £115 pounds to donate towards their charity. It was reported how well behaved the pupils were and  the number of parents who took part in this event. Brooklands also had a Pyjama day and cake sale last Friday to raise money for Comic Relief. A fantastic time was had by all and they were able to raise £116. Also following the SSSfN story writing competition a Brooklands student won the primary age category.

Items to celebrate; w/c 20/03/17

DBS Primary and secondary pupils were involved in a local community project of planting Beech hedging around the RAF war memorial. It was a lovely time when the school and local community worked together and were featured in the local press.

One of the carers of one of the Lingwood pupils went out of her way to stress how good she thought the school was. This included her ringing Ofsted herself during the inspection process after the questionnaire had closed to have her feelings known and noted.

Items to celebrate; w/c 13/03/17

Staff at Locksley Assessment Unit were presented with a thoughtful thank you card from a parent of an Assessment Only student, expressing their gratitude at the work and support their child had received for three weeks in order to help them be successful back at school.

One of the Norwich schools who have taken successfully reintegrated students from Locksley commented that ‘the system really works, it’s so good what you’re doing at Locksley.

Items to celebrate; w/c 20/02/17

Denise Anderson put a lot of effort into organising a speed interviewing event . Six business people gave their time to give the DBS Y11s a real life experience of being interviewed for a variety of job roles by different people. The pupils really enjoyed the experience & the only issue was sticking to the five minute ‘speed interviewing’ time limit as they wanted to keep talking.

John Cowan said “Excellent event still buzzing from the success of the of it”. ‘The event allowed students to gain experience and practice in answering questions similar to ones during an actual interview. The work ethic of the majority of the students was impressive and many are ready for apprenticeships or further Education this is a result of the hard work put in by both the students and staff at Douglas Bader School.’

Helen Mason said Dear Denise, Just a short note to say thanks you for the hospitality yesterday. The event I felt was really worthwhile and though the students had not prepared as well as we would have hoped(not without your hardest efforts!) the standard was much better than I was expecting. That said if they had prepared then wow they would have – in the main – been fantastic. I was still really impressed and it will be really interesting to see how much of our advice they take on board and further impress us at the mock interviews next month.

Kathrine Flint, I enjoyed yesterday and I hope the students got something out of it.

The new KS3 curriculum Enterprise Events which happened across all the bases this week has been very successful. I believe ‘profits’ have been made in excess of £50 plus. Congratulations to all students who took part.

Items to celebrate; w/c 03/02/17

A pupil from the SSSFN reintegrated to High school. Mum has reported that since September her child has blossomed. Her child is now a  head of  year, tutors Y7s in maths, is in top sets, mentors  Y7s that are having difficulties and her child is also the leader of the school council. The mother wanted to pass on the good news to us and is so very pleased with what her child has achieved with our support.

The staff teamwork at Locksley in dealing positively with what was  a considerable flood Friday morning!

Items to celebrate; w/c 23/1/17

Compass Belton raised £50 from their ‘Christmas Jumper’ day for the Save the Children charity.

In our Spring 17 Parent/Carers questionnaire 99% of parent/carers said  that we kept their children safe. There were also lots of positive comments fed-back. These are a few of the comments :

‘If anything happens at the school somebody  is always there to help ‘

‘She  is doing really well and she done a lot better since she’s been with you.’

‘Definitely getting better.  Never been any help in any school but here people know he finds it hard and don’t ignore him or say they don’t have time

Never had opportunity to succeed before but in this school he’s happiest and getting the help he needs.  He was labelled at ‘normal school’ as naughty but he just didn’t understand.’

100% happy …..didn’t smile for a year at …. but he smiles and jokes every day now

“Thank you so much for going out of your way to try and help.  Nobody has done that for us before

Happy with everything …….seems very happy with school.

She is now working harder at those subjects she found difficult.

‘Thank you for all your support and nurturing environment
Happy with my sons progress and attitude in this school.  He seems to enjoy his time here and gets on with the teachers.  I’m happy with how the teachers are with my son and they always inform of positive (as well as negative) behaviour.  I’m happy that there is more positive to say about my son and the school.  Hoping this continues.

My child seem to be the happiest he been in a long time in school at present I think small group help….. learn more and concentrate more.

Can not praise the school highly enough, whenever an issue has been raised it is dealt with.

Happy with Whole service

My child  receives a bespoke and thoughtful approach to his education

Items to celebrate; w/c 12/12/16

  • Engagement at Rosebery decorated superb Christmas Cakes. Worthy of the Paul Hollywood handshake!
  • Tony Mc Ghee our school governor helped and supported the Compass Lingwood successful Christmas lunch with parent/carers and pupils
  • Earthsea School prepared a Christmas dinner for 32 people over two sittings quite a feat on two small cookers!
  • One of Marie Lake’s ARROW students made a 2 year and 1 month reading gain after only 8 sessions.
  • Pupils across the SSSFN enjoyed their local pantomimes …OH YES THEY DID!

This term

Compass data shows that there has been a significant reduction last term in the number of significant incidents and RPI across the bases compared to autumn term of the previous year.

  • Belton – reduced by 71%
  • Pott Row – reduced by 73%
  • Lingwood – reduced by 63%

When teams across the bases are willing to share staff to support staff absence.

We are pleased to be able to report that whole school attendance increased by 0.7% from Autumn 1, to 75.1% at the end of Autumn 2.  Since half term, there has been an improvement in attendance at Brooklands, Compass, Earthsea, Locksley and Rosebery.  Pupil premium attendance has increased by 3.2%.  Thanks to everyone for work to improve attendance last half term.

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