Items to celebrate; w/c 10/07/17

An out of county troubled child joined Earthsea House and School just over 2.5 years ago. Previous to this he had not attended school for over a year . After a year at Earthsea School he was able to reintegrate into an independent school successfully (winning many sporting achievements) on Monday he left Earthsea House reunited with his mother and to return to his local area and attend the local high school …a case study of success!

The quality of the ‘In house’ Steps training delivered by Sam Jackson and James Moss.

Items to celebrate; w/c 3/07/17

Thank you to Lynsay Barrett for organising Tesco to come and paint the fence panels in the Earthsea School garden area to make it a brighter. Lynsay also arranged for Tesco to go into Earthsea School and do some farm to fork session with all classes the first session was making fruit faces and they have also booked to come in for several session up to Christmas. Lynsay also won a competition for Earthsea to have perfect partytime come in the school to put on some entertainment!!

Items to celebrate; w/c 26/06/17

A big thank you to Shannon Coombes for creating an Educational/Safety consequence folder as part of her performance management. Shannon has agreed to share her resources across the bases. This piece of work has such a positive impact on trying to change pupils behaviour. Well done Shannon.

Items to celebrate; w/c 19/06/17

The Brooklands pupils took part in Den Day raising money for Save the children. The day was a great success and £55 was raised for the charity. The students looked at the types of houses and shelters children live in across the world in PSHE and designed and made some fantastic indoor and outdoor dens and shelters.

Last week 10 students from Compass Belton, Lingwood and Pot Row went on a residential to the Peak District. Activities included weaselling, rock climbing, a hike up Mam Tor and white water rafting. In the evenings the children had the chance to build friendships with students from other bases whilst playing wide games at Stanton Moor. Other activities included a group water fight and toasting marshmallows around the campfire. The trip was a success for all and it was lovely to see the children come out of their shells and their personalities shine. It was a pleasure to see everyone involved in each activity, especially since some were doing them for the first time. A huge thanks to all the staff involved!

Items to celebrate; w/c 05/06/17

The year six’s had a trip to be-wilderwood to celebrate all the hard work they had put in for their SATS exam which was a lovely day.

Items to celebrate; w/c 22/05/17

The Y6 at Douglas Bader had a  lovely trip to Bewilderwood to celebrate all the hard work they had put in for their SATS exam.

Items to celebrate; w/c 28/04/17

Before Easter the children at Lingwood  organised two fundraising days inviting parents and carers in to school to raise money for charity. The children designed fun stalls for everyone to enjoy. Through the two fundraising days the children raised £94.07. The School Council have chosen to split the money between ‘The Wings Appeal’ and ‘Great Ormond Streat Hospital.’ A big thank you to the children and staff at Lingwood for their hard work organising this.

Items to celebrate; w/c 27/03/17

Brooklands have been busy this week. The pupils  had been interested in helping the local animal sanctuary. Last week Hallswood came in to visit and talked to the pupils. They  donated a collection of food and bedding. Friday they had an Easter Coffee morning and raised £115 pounds to donate towards their charity. It was reported how well behaved the pupils were and  the number of parents who took part in this event. Brooklands also had a Pyjama day and cake sale last Friday to raise money for Comic Relief. A fantastic time was had by all and they were able to raise £116. Also following the SSSfN story writing competition a Brooklands student won the primary age category.

Items to celebrate; w/c 20/03/17

DBS Primary and secondary pupils were involved in a local community project of planting Beech hedging around the RAF war memorial. It was a lovely time when the school and local community worked together and were featured in the local press.

One of the carers of one of the Lingwood pupils went out of her way to stress how good she thought the school was. This included her ringing Ofsted herself during the inspection process after the questionnaire had closed to have her feelings known and noted.

Items to celebrate; w/c 13/03/17

Staff at Locksley Assessment Unit were presented with a thoughtful thank you card from a parent of an Assessment Only student, expressing their gratitude at the work and support their child had received for three weeks in order to help them be successful back at school.

One of the Norwich schools who have taken successfully reintegrated students from Locksley commented that ‘the system really works, it’s so good what you’re doing at Locksley.